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Something Something (2013) Telugu Movie Review

Written By Bhavani Sankar on Friday, 14 June 2013 | 06:05

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Something Something (2013) Telugu Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Released on : June 14, 2013.
Cast & Crew : Siddharth, Hansika Motwani, Brahmanandam…
Director : C.Sundar
Producer : B Subrahmanyam, Suresh
Genre : Romance – Comedy
Music : Satya

Something Something Review: Heartful laughs

Audience today have matured a lot. They know what to expect from a movie. They have their own demands from a film. But that does not mean they look out for something sensational or extraordinary in a movie. Just a little bit of story and little bit of entertainment is enough to impress them. But that does not even also mean, they will settle for inferior content and presentation. If director can mix story and entertainment in proper proportions and presents it impressively, they will lap it up. But that’s not an easy job. Sundar C has done that difficult job perfectly in Something Something. Let’s find out what does Something Something has in store for movie lovers

Story of Something Something is just a thin line. For that matter, there isn’t any story at all. There aren’t any extraordinary scenes or graphics. We will not find mind blowing heroism or heroine’s exposing. There are not even shocking twists and turns. The only thing which Something Something offers is a guarantee of two and half hours non stop entertainment. Something Something movie, unlike the title, has everything to entertain audience.

Let’s get into the story.

Kumar (Siddarth) is born in a family in which all the members’ marriages have been love marriages. But Kumar is averse to love as he had bitter experiences with girls in his flash back. Though he maintains distance from girls, he falls for his colleague Sanjana (Hansika). Though he falls in Sanjana’s love in the first sight itself, he is unable to express the same to her. In the same office, girls are completely in awe of George (Ganesh Venkatraman). He is dream boy for girls in the office. While every girl loves George, he falls for Sanjana and proposes her. Meanwhile Kumar starts his efforts to woo Sanjana, while she is still undecided about George’s proposal. Here enters Love guru Premji (Brahmanandam). With love guru Premji’s tips, Kumar brings misunderstandings between Sanjana and George and creates rift between them. But did he win Sanjana’s heart, how Premji changes a Complan boy like Kumar into a complicated boy, has to be watched in the theatre.

Story and scenes of Something Something are in no way new. Movie watchers have seen them in many love stories earlier. But director Sunder has added entertainment to them and presented it freshly. Right from the moment titles start rolling, writer has excelled in creating comedy. Particularly characters introduction and Kumar’s flashback appear hilarious, making audience ready for a laugh riot. In the second scene itself audience will forget that Siddu and Hansika are hero heroines in the film. Siddu has got into role pretty well. Instead of being a hero he behaved like the character. Though Siddu’s face does not suit comedy, he has adapted well and impressed.

Coming to Hansika, she is a feast for the eyes. Hansika has slimmed a bit and steals the heart. Performance wise Hansika has limited scope just with some dialogues given to her. Even in that limited scope she woos audience. Brahmanadam has shown his potential and stamina once again. He single handedly takes this movie to success shores. Scenes between Siddu and Brahmi are extremely amusing and are the main strength of the movie. Though other faces are new to Telugu audience, did well. Dialogue writer deserves a praise. He has succeeded in creating situation comedy by graciously mixing entertainment with scenes. Even director deserves a praise in this respect. Movie offers umpteen number of comedy punches

Music and cinematography are in tune with movie’s genre and presentation. The only demerit in the movie is, second half lags a bit. From the moment Brahmi’s flashback episode starts movie pace drops. Also there is a bit of Tamil movies mark overdose. Except these minor glitches this movie is quite entertaining.

Something Something is the best bet for movie lovers who want two and half hours of complete entertainment. Audience will get the best value for the money they spend on ticket. Still doubtful? Don’t worry, none other than Love guru Brahmi gives guarantee!

Review Posted By Bhavani Sankar.
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